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The following are the terms and tools within the overall principles described above that successful DevOps engineers need to know

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    Ansible cannot run on Windows hosts but can manage Windows hosts, but Ansible can run under Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL). 

#Open the "Enable or Disable Window Features" section of the window.
To do this, simply search for the Windows feature in the search box. Then, when "Enable or disable Windows features" is displayed, click it.

#To activate, select the Windows subsystem for Linux.
This will open a window with many features. Scroll down and check the Windows Subsystem for Linux Options box. Then click the "OK" button.

#Visit the Microsoft App Store.
     To open the Microsoft App Store for Windows, click on the search box and enter the Microsoft store. When it is displayed, please click on it.

#Search for Linux.
       Search for Ubuntu and install the latest version 18.04. As soon as it appears, a [GET] button will appear, click it to install it on Windows . Once the installation is complete, a launch button will appear to open Ubuntu Bash. To install Ansible, you can install other Linux systems such as Debian, Kali Linux.

#Multiple Linux systems are shown as Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse.

#Choose Ubuntu or another Linux to install Ansible.

#After installing Ubuntu on Windows , you will be prompted to create a user.
       When Ubuntu Bash opens, you will be asked to set a username and password for the Ubuntu default user on Windows. You can also set the root account password here. Just type sudo password root.
#Use the install command to install Ansible on the Windows Linux subsystem.
     To install and run Ansible on Windows, use the following command:

#sudo apt-get update

#sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

#sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible

#sudo apt-get update

#sudo apt-get install ansible 

#Ansible can be run on Windows to perform various management and automation tasks.
Once ansible is installed check its version.

#ansible --version 



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