Azure Cloud

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Overview of Microsoft Azure
Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform. It is an amalgamation of services for creating, deploying and managing applications that run in Microsoft’s secure worldwide data centers. The set of services can make virtually any software solution possible, from large retail targeting a global audience to CPU-intensive, scientific data calculations, to simple data backups. Almost any software that can be imagined can be written to take advantage of Azure services and can run in the Microsoft Cloud.

In this overview, we will review the categories of services available in Azure today, then select some of the more commonly used services for a closer look. We will wrap up with a conceptual overview of how we can combine many Azure services to build a more ambitious solution. By the end of the course you should have a general appreciation for the breadth of available services and start to see how they can be composed to create more powerful business solutions.
Azure services

Azure services Azure offers many services in its cloud computing platform. These services include the following.

Compute services
Services for hosting and running application workload:
• Azure Virtual Machines—both Linux and Windows
• App Services (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, API Apps, and Function Apps)
• Azure Batch (for large-scale parallel and batch compute jobs)
• Azure RemoteApp
• Azure Service Fabric
• Azure Container Service

Data services
Services for storing and managing data:
• Azure Storage (comprises the Azure Blob, Queue, Table, and File services)
• Azure SQL Database
• Azure DocumentDB
• Microsoft Azure StorSimple
• Azure Redis Cache

Application services
Services for building and operating applications:
• Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
• Azure Service Bus for connecting distributed systems
• Azure HDInsight for processing big data
• Azure Scheduler
• Azure Media Services

Network services
Services for networking both within Azure and between Azure and on-premises datacenters:
• Azure Virtual Network
• Azure ExpressRoute
• Azure-provided DNS
• Azure Traffic Manager
• Azure Content Delivery Network For detailed documentation on each of these services, as well as other Azure services, see Azure service documentation.  



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