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Cloud Security
     Cloud security (also called cloud computing security) consists of a set of policies, controls, processes, and technologies that work together to protect cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure.These security measures are configured to protect data, support compliance, protect client privacy, and set authentication rules for individual users and devices.By filtering traffic access through authentication, you can configure Cloud Security as the right requirements for your business. These rules can be configured and managed in a place where management can be reduced overhead and focus on other parts of the IT team business.

Why is Cloud Security Important ?
     Cloud data security is critical because you need to make sure your data is secure when it's stored in the cloud. Many high-profile hacking cases mean that this issue is a hot topic for many business owners, but the reality is that your data is more secure in the cloud, and security is a high priority for all cloud storage services.

Cloud security has many benefits such as

Centralized security:
    Just as cloud computing manages applications and data centrally, cloud security can also be centrally protected.
Cloud-based business networks consist of numerous devices and endpoints.
Centrally managing these entities enhances traffic analysis and filtering, simplifies network event monitoring, and reduces software and policy updates.
Reduced costs
Managing your disaster recovery plan in one place makes it easy for you to take action.
This not only reduces capital investment, but also reduces management costs.
Where IT teams used to respond to security issues responsively, cloud security provides proactive security capabilities that provide round-the-clock protection with virtually no human intervention. 

Reduced Administration:
     By choosing a trusted cloud service provider or cloud security platform, you can say goodbye to manual security configurations and virtually uninterrupted security updates.

     Cloud computing services provide the highest reliability. With proper cloud security, users can securely access data and applications in the cloud, no matter which device they use.

More and more organizations are realizing many of the business benefits of migrating systems to the cloud. Cloud computing allows organizations to operate on a large scale, reduce technology costs, and use agile systems to give them a competitive advantage.

All cloud models are vulnerable to threats. IT departments will naturally move mission-critical systems to the cloud with care. With native cloud, hybrid and local environments, you must take appropriate security measures. Cloud Security provides all the power of traditional IT security, taking advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing while ensuring its security and ensuring data privacy and compliance requirements are met.



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