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Overview of JFrog Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory is an artifact repository manager that fully supports software that is completely technology independent, written in any language, or using any tool. It is also the only enterprise-class repository manager that supports secure, clustered, highly available Docker registries.

JFrog Artifactory is designed to integrate with most continuous integration and delivery tools to provide an end-to-end automation solution for tracking development-to-production artifacts.
JFrog Artifactory is intended for use by developers and DevOps teams. Acts as a single access point, organizing all resources and eliminating the associated complexity. At the same time, operators can efficiently manage a continuous stream of code from each developer machine to the organization's production environment.

Providing stable and reliable access to repositories
• Supporting a large number of common binaries across different environments
• Security and access control
• Tracing any action done to a file back to the user
• Transferring a large number of binaries to a remote location
• Managing infrastructure configuration across different environments

No single-point-of-failure
Your system can continue to operate as long as at least one of the Artifactory nodes is operational. This maximizes your uptime and can take it to levels of up to “five nines” availability.
Accommodate larger load bursts
With horizontal server scalability, you can increase your capacity with no compromise to performance and meet any increasing load requirements as your organization grows.
Multiple server architecture
Artifactory HA lets you perform most maintenance tasks with no system downtime.

Support for Jfrog usage :
1. System stability and reliability with Artifactory High Availability (HA)
2. Managing many binaries across different environments
3. Security, Access Control and Traceability
4. Full Support for Docker
5. Quickly replicate repositories to remote sites
6. Full support for CHEF to manage infrastructure
7. Advanced package management with “watches” and user plugins
8. A Universal, End-to-End Solution For All Binaries



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