Openstack - Network Management

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Openstack Network Management

    The OpenStack project is an open source cloud computing platform that supports all types of cloud environments. The project aims for simple implementation, massive scalability, and a rich set of features. Cloud computing experts from around the world contribute to the project. OpenStack provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution through a variety of complementary services. Each service offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates this integration.

   Openstack Networking is critical area for openstack user because The OpenStack user requires more information about the underlying network infrastructure to create a virtual network to exactly match the infrastructure. There are two options available in the openstack network environment. 

Option 1 Provider Networks:-
   The provider networks option deploys the OpenStack Networking service in the simplest way possible with primarily layer-2 (bridging/switching) services and VLAN segmentation of networks. Essentially, it bridges virtual networks to physical networks and relies on physical network infrastructure for layer-3 (routing) services. Additionally, a DHCP

Option 2 Self-service networks :-
    The self-service networks option augments the provider networks option with layer-3 (routing) services that enable self-service networks using overlay segmentation methods such as Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN). Essentially, it routes virtual networks to physical networks using Network Address Translation (NAT). Additionally, this option provides the foundation for advanced services such as LBaaS and FWaaS.
The OpenStack user can create virtual networks without the knowledge of underlying infrastructure on the data network. This can also include VLAN networks if the layer-2 plug-in is configured accordingly. 



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