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Few Important Services of Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2
            If you forget to use the expensive physical servers of this Amazon service, you can create virtual machines and manage other features of the server. Storage, Security, Ports, etc. With Amazon EC2, you can create servers in minutes using your preferred operating system. This will increase the time you spend working on the project and will reduce the time it takes to maintain the server.

Amazon RDS
         Amazon is helping us reduce the complexity of our infrastructure, which is why it provides us with RDS services. But what is it? With this service, you can provide dedicated instances of the fully managed database for the AWS support team in minutes, and can support multiple database engines such as SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and more.
Finally, you will forget all of these maintenance and support times for the database server.

Amazon S3
     What happens to the data in the cloud? Of course, Amazon S3 gives you peace of mind when it comes to talking about data. They have a very secure infrastructure. In addition to intelligently distributing data to different physical areas, they also have integrations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITECH, FedRAMP, etc., and our data will never be compromised.

Is this all?

Of course, AWS S3 is highly available, so you can access your information with a single click, with a latency of almost zero, 99.9999999999%. How expensive are you now for this service? Ok, we are happy to inform you that its price is very cheap. First, there is one that contains 5 GB of storage, and the first 50 TB starts at $0.023 per month. 

Amazon CloudFront 

     Have you asked yourself how fast your website is? Do they need to wait a few seconds to open a page when they connect? Amazon uses a global content delivery service (often called a CDN) to manage, deliver and effectively display everything. Has minimal latency and advanced integration with other AWS services.

It’s easier than ever to reach the target audience. 

Amazon VPC     
      Is there any risk in my information in the AWS cloud? the answer is negative. In a private network in the cloud, your information is only available to the person or system you approve. With AWS VPC, you can create a dedicated virtual network that completely isolates the entire IT environment (infrastructure or service) from the outside world. Therefore, your information will not be disclosed. 

Amazon SNS 

        Back to the developer, AWS provides a very special notification system that provides integration with a variety of applications, such as PHP, Python, and Node. Android or iOS is a network or mobile device. 

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
         This is the most attractive service for developers. I know that I don't want to manage the infrastructure of your website as a developer. Its maintenance is very common because it is cumbersome and difficult to solve. AWS Elastic Beanstalk reduces this. Developers no longer need to manage their infrastructure, but instead focus on software and application development. 

Amazon Lambda
Is your server satisfied with many requests? You don't know what to do? Don't worry too much about infrastructure without worrying about development.
             Like many other developers, AWS Lambda will work for you if you are experiencing problems with your current infrastructure that does not support your development needs. This example allows you to work in a high-performance environment that supports your ongoing development. You only need to deal with the code, and AWS is responsible for providing the necessary resources while climbing to get everything working.

Amazon Auto Scaling
         AWS Magic is just How to extend our application and bring it to tens of millions of users?
        Amazon gives us a solution again. With Auto Scaling, you can manage a set of servers that can support all the traffic your application needs. The service is completely free and the only charge is the number of instances during which they run. 

Amazon Elasticache     
         AWS memory caching system. Elasticache supports Memcache and Redis.         
          “We have everything we need, so we don’t have to think about creating something special with AWS and ClickIT.”


                                                                        Few more to come.......



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