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Moto of this blog is to explain complicated devops and cloud technologies in a simple way. This blog keeps you up to date with the latest industry news on devops and cloud and takes you deep into the weeds with technical how-tos and product reviews. You’ll find all types of commentary on the DevOps and cloud ecosystem, including news, product reviews and insights from the pros.

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How to choose your Trainer

A comprehensive guide to choose your trainer or training institute 

What is DevOps?

A comprehensive newbie's guide to DevOps

A DevOps Glossary

List of terms and tools a devops engineer should know

What is Private Cloud

A brief introduction to Private Cloud

What is Kubernetes?

An Overview of Kubernetes and its purpose

Architecture of Kubernetes

An Overview of Kubernetes and its purpose

Features of Kubernetes

 Key features of Kubernetes

Openstack-Cloud Computing

The Chimera  of private cloud

Public Cloud - AWS

A Complete Overview of AWS Services

Cloud Virtualization

 A Comprehensive information on different types of Virtualization


An Introduction to Ansible

Ansible installation in Centos

Installation of Ansible in Centos

Ansible installation in Ubuntu

Installation of Ansible in Ubuntu

Ansible installation in Windows

Installation of Ansible in Windows

Setting up WINRM Setup

Steps to setting-up windows host

Setting up Windows Host

Steps to setting-up windows host


Rancher on Kubernetes Deployment

Cloud Security

Importance on Cloud Security

Types of Node-Openstack

Different types of Nodes


Lets understand basics of YAML

Ansible Playbook

How to use a Playbook to copy a program and customize it
to target host

Terraform VS Cloudformation

Diference between Terraform and Cloudformation

AWS Elastic Container Service

A Short note on AWS Elastic Container Service


 How to set-up OpenLDAP

Modules in Playbook

How to use modules using Playbook

OpenStack Network Management

How to create a virtual network to exactly match the infrastructure

OpenStack with Public Network

Connect your Openstack with Public Network

Linux Containers (LXC)

An introduction to Linux Containers.

Public Cloud - GCP

An introduction about Google Cloud Platform.

Tagging tasks in Playbook

How to use tags in Playbook.

How Cloud Storage Works?

A brief details about Cloud storage.

What is Micro Services?

A brief about what is Micro services.

Puppet Container Registry

About Container registry in puppet.

Types of Openstack configuration

Openstack configuration and deployment types.

Impact of Terraform in Devops

How Terraform has an impact in Devops technology?

Ansible Variable

How to use variables in Ansible Playbook?

Microservices – Tackling the Complexity

How Microservice tackling the complexity?

Intrusion Detection System

What is IDS?

Puppet Beaker

What is Beaker? How to use it?

Microsoft Azure

An introduction about Azure.

Ansible Roles

What is ansible roles?

Jfrog Artifactory

An Overview of Jfrog Artifactory.

Ansible Vault

What is ansible vault? How to use it?


Overview of SonarQube and its features

Devops RoadMap

RoadMap to be a Devops Engineer

Ansible Modules

Types of Modules in Ansible

CIS Benchmark

What is the need of CIS Security Bechmark


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